What if My Brother is Too Good: Chapter 1.1

Thanks for visiting this blog! I’ve never translated before so I’m sorry for any mistakes. I read this novel a while ago and really enjoyed it so I thought to share it with the rest of the community!

Here’s part 1:

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Summary: What if My Brother is Too Good? [哥哥太好了怎么办] by 十六月西瓜

Currently being translated by yours truly!

Title: What if My Brother is Too Good? [哥哥太好了怎么办] by 十六月西瓜


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Summary: The Qing Dynasty’s Imperial Concubine [大清贵人] by 尤妮丝

Title: The Qing Dynasty’s Imperial Concubine [大清贵人]


The ‘leftover woman’ Yao Jiaxin crossed over to the imperial harem of Emperor Yongzheng and became a girl of sixteen years of age…ah no, a twenty-eight year old concubine that was sick and weak and not favored by the Emperor. This is age is good, this age is wonderful, you don’t need to fight for favor nor are you required to participate in palace struggles, you can go straight to retirement. However, Yao Jiaxin discovered that the Fourth Master (refers to Emperor Yongzheng) had been reborn! The old imperial concubine trembled, afraid that she was going to become a slaughtered horse.

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Welcome to cnoveltranslations!

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Welcome to cnoveltranslations! I’ve started this blog in order to translate the blurbs/summaries of Chinese novels, some first chapters and maybe some full translated novels too!

I love reading c-novels but one of the biggest difficulties I’ve encountered is having to read through an awful lot of summaries in order to find something I’m interested in (which is tiring since I’m not fluent 100% in Chinese). I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way so I thought I would translate all the blurbs I’ve read to English which might make it easier for you to find your next novel to read.

I’m also using this blog as a way of making myself practice my Chinese so please be understanding if any of my translations are a bit off!