What If My Brother Is Too Good: Chapter 2.1

   In Huo Wu’s memories she didn’t have much information about her brother. Huo Yusen left home at a young age to study abroad and returned to China only a few times. His return this time would be the first in four years. There was also an age gap of eight years between the siblings so they didn’t have much interactions on a day to day basis. 

   In her memories, the original owner of the body and her elder brother weren’t close at all because this brother had a cold personality. If “Forced Love’s” male lead, Mo Ze, was wild and wicked then the brother in “Forced Love” gave off a feeling of coldness and restraint. 

He was distant towards everyone and the author had once stated, if the brother fell in love, he would be more passionate than anyone else. However even when the novel had ended, the person that would move the brother’s heart hadn’t appeared. It was probably because the author liked this character too much and felt there wasn’t anyone who could match the outstanding second male so she purposely didn’t clearly explain his ending and instead left room for the readers to fill with their own imagination. 

   Huo Wu put on the little black dress from Red Valentino as she was reminiscing. Red Valentino was Valentino’s fashion line for young adults and could be considered to be a less extravagant label. As compared to other designers, the price wasn’t as hefty but it was very appropriate for girls her age. She was currently 17 years old and was more suited to wear girlish styles. 

   She still had a year’s time before she turned 18. 

   According to the developments in the novel, she would be in a car accident on her 18th birthday and it was because of this accident that could have been unexpected or premeditated that the fact that she didn’t have the same blood type as the Huo family was revealed. 

   The Huo parents were both type O but her blood type was AB and according to science, a couple with blood type O couldn’t have a child that was type AB. 

   So it was at that time the Huo family discovered Huo Wu wasn’t their own child. 

   Because of the problem with her blood type, her father immediately conducted a DNA test before the evidence clearly showed that she didn’t have any blood relations with the Huo family. 

   After further investigation, the family found out that 18 years ago they had brought home the wrong baby. 

   Right now though…Huo Wu was the only person who knew she wasn’t the Huo family’s child. 

   She currently had two choices, one was to tell her parents that she wasn’t their child. 

   The second…would be to keep it a secret. 

   Huo Wu thought about it for a few seconds before she came to a decision. 

   She was going to keep it a secret temporarily and create a backup plan for herself within a year for her departure from the family. 

   The Jiang Yuqing in the novel, or Huo Yuqing as she would later be called, was very outstanding. 

   Her family was impoverished but her grades were exceptional and was one of the top 3 students in her class. But to enable her family to live a better life, she dropped out of school at 17 and entered the glamorous entertainment world. 

   Even though Huo Yuqing hadn’t undergone professional training, she worked harder than anyone else. She wasn’t dazzled by the bright and beautiful industry and instead diligently memorised her lines to steadily progress forward. 

   During her journey, she received Mo Ze’s attention and from then on they began a romance that would span an era. 

   Huo Wu didn’t know what the female lead accomplished at the end since she hadn’t finished reading the entire book but she guessed that the female lead’s life would unfold magnificently. 

   However it would be this kind of intelligent female lead that would have an extremely narrow conscience. 

   She saw Huo Wu, the girl who took what should have belonged to her, as a thorn in her side. 

   When she could only eat cheap food that could barely fill her stomach, Huo Wu was eating exotic delicacies. When she could no longer continue her education and instead had to find methods to earn money, Huo Wu could hire tutors whenever she wanted to. When she was sleeping on wooden boards without a quilt whilst the snow was falling in Winter, Huo Wu was sleeping on a soft bed. 

   She had an unbalanced way of thinking and as a result, she wanted revenge. 

   The ignorant, sweet and wilful miss of a wealthy family couldn’t even be considered an opponent to Huo Yuqing who had undergone a myriad of challenges growing up. 

   In the end, Huo Wu was bought by a family from the mountains and was married to their fool of a son. She passed away a few months afterwards at the ripe age of 21. 

   Huo Yuqing wasn’t kindhearted. She was outstanding but only cared about self-profit. 

   In terms of scheming, Huo Wu couldn’t even compare to Huo Yuqing. 

   Even if she told the Huo family she wasn’t their actual child she would imagine she would still be hated by Huo Yuqing in the end.  

   After all, there wasn’t much of a difference between 17 and 18 years. 

   A faint plan starting forming in Huo Wu’s mind but this plan still required her to see Huo Yusen in person before making a decision. 

   “A’Wu, are you done or not?” Yu Xinxin couldn’t help but nag after waiting outside for a while. 

   Huo Wu opened the door and smiled, “I’m ready. Xin Xin, let’s go downstairs.” 

   “Wah, A’Wu, you’re so pretty!” Yu Xinxin looked at Huo Wu who had a faint layer of makeup on and widened her eyes. 

   After Huo Wu put on the little black dress she applied a little bit of makeup. At her age, she didn’t require much and only needed a sprinkle here and there. But with her face, even a tiny bit of makeup made her look goddess-like. 

   “Thank you.”   

   Not long after Huo Wu and Yu Xinxin reached the ground floor, commotion occurred around the front door. 

   Hearing the disturbance, Huo Wu looked towards the entrance. 

Get ready to meet Huo Yusen in the next release!

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  1. I cannot wait to meet this brother who’s more outstanding than the ML. And I can’t wait to see how he’ll protect her from his own sister.

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