I Am This Type of Woman: Chapter 1.3

Last part of chapter 1! Honestly, translating novels set in ancient China takes me double the amount of time it takes to translate What If My Brother Is Too Good?

Chapter 1.3: The Engagement Was Broken Off Once Again

Ban Hua rubbed against her mother and said in a small voice: “I am not sad because of the engagement, it’s because I had a very strange dream that scared me a little.” 

   “What did you dream of?” Yin Shi covertly let out a sigh of relief after seeing that her daughter wasn’t upset because of the situation with the engagement. 

   “The new Emperor ascended the through and took away father’s title…”

   “Took away my title?!” Ban Heng’s entire body shot up, “Who’s the new Emperor going to be? Let’s kill him now.”

   “I can’t seem to remember anymore,” Ban Hua thought about it seriously for a while, “but it should a very powerful man.” 

   “You don’t remember who he is but you can still remember how powerful was?” Ban Heng tutted, “that’s much too unreliable.” 

   “How can you take a dream seriously? Can someone become an Emperor if they aren’t powerful?” Yin Shi knocked on Ban Heng’s back, not letting him speak before Ban Hua, “Don’t be afraid, dreams are all fake, is our family not okay right now?” 

   “Your paternal grandmother is the Eldest Princess, who dares touch us?” Yin Shi brought out the family’s biggest supporter, Princess Dening, to placate her daughter’s emotions, “Are they not afraid of being cursed at by their ancestors?” 

T/N: The author actually refers to Princess Dening as 大长公主 (Da Zhang Gongzhu) which is a title used for the Emperor’s aunts. It sounds awkward to use that directly in my translations so I’ll be using Eldest Princess or Princess Dening.

   “But the new Emperor isn’t from the Jiang family.” Ban Hua blinked, her beautiful eyes had a layer of mist making her look particularly delicate and touching, “the person who became Emperor is a government official who harbours unfathomable motives.” 

   “Si,” Yin Shi sucked in a breath of cold air, looking at the door, the maidservants had already retreated and only the four members of the family remained inside, “You can’t say such drivel outside of here.” 

   Ban Hua knew that her mother wouldn’t believe her dream, and to be honest, she herself still harboured doubts towards the dream. “In the dream my engagement was broken and right when I woke up, that man with the surname Shen really did break the engagement. So…what if the dream is real?” 

   “Then, then what do we do?” Ban Huai, who had been hedonistic his entire life looked nervously at Yin Shi, “Madam, should we secretly find a place to hide our gold and silver jewellery?” 

   “Father, how can you trust my sister’s words? She’s already had her engagement broken several times already, you can’t believe her dream was real just because of that. That would be ridiculous,” Ban Heng waved his hands, “Sister, try and think, what other major events happened inside the dream?”

   “Your mouth is lacking!” Ban Hua raised a finger and poked at Xia Heng’s forehead, the priceless blood jade bracelet on her wrist shaking so much that Ban Heng was dizzy. 

   “Let me think,” Ban Hua took back her hand and tugged at the messy but fine black hair on her head, “let me think again.” 

   Ban Huai looked nervously at his daughter, wishing that the dream was fake. 

   “Right, I remember that something else also happened in the dream and that is that not long after my engagement was broken off, Xie Qilin fell off a horse and injured one of his eyes.” Considering that the other party eloped and made her lose face, Ban Hua remembered this matter very clearly.   

   It’s a way of relieving one’s anger right? 

Chapter 1.2 – Chapter 2

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  1. I have read 3 novels from the same author and really2 enjoyed it. so, im very happy when i found you have translated the novel from the same author .. thanks 😁

  2. Thank you for picking up this novel! I really love this author’s works. And your translation is great! I honestly prefer if you used more pinyin, i think it would better picture the context, but whatever best 🙂

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