What If My Brother Is Too Good: Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 1.2

   “A’Wu, hurry and look look, which dress are you planning on wearing later?”  

   A female’s voice chattered nonstop next to Huo Wu’s ears. 

   “Aiya, this Inbal Dror haute couture piece is pretty but it’s too sexy so it doesn’t really suit you. I think this one is better, it’s lively but still slightly sexy.” 

   Huo Wu’s brain was still in chaos. She opened her eyes, dazed at first before he vision cleared up after a while.

   She was currently sitting on a soft bed and standing not too far from her was a girl with an apple-shaped face. The girl looked around 17 or 18 years old at most and had a few pimples on her face. 

   Yu Xinxin looked at Huo Wu who was still sitting stupefied and pushed her, asking a little strangely, “What are you doing? Your brother’s welcome banquet is starting in an hour and you still haven’t picked the dress you want to wear tonight. Can you hurry up a little?”

   Big brother? She was the only child in her family, where did her brother come from? 

   And also, she was confident that in her 24 years on earth, she had never seen this apple-faced girl in front of her. 

 Most importantly, she clearly remembered that her wire broke during filming causing her to fall more than 10 meters from midair. In her last moments, she only remembered feeling excruciating pain in her body before losing consciousness afterwards. 

   And when she opened her eyes, she was here. 

   In Huo Wu’s mind she felt that the situation was already beyond her control but she didn’t mix in the entertainment industry for several years in vain, she went through countless of challenging experiences in those years and already had a set of rules for how she handled matters in her life. She quietly picked out a little black dress from Red Valentino. 

   “I’ll wear this one then.” The moment her voice came out, she was shocked. 

   This voice sounded way too young and was nothing like her own voice. 

   At this time, her head suddenly started hurting and all kinds of messy memories started flowing into her brain. 

   Some of these memories belonged to her, and some of the memories belonged to a girl of the same name as her. 

   The mix of the memories made her temporarily disoriented. 

   “Ah, A’Wu, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!” 

   After Huo Wu recovered for a moment, she completely understood her current situation. 

   She unexpectedly transmigrated into a novel! Into a novel called “Forced Love” that she had read not long ago.   

   Her heart felt turbulent but she didn’t show it on her face. Instead she said to her good friend Yu Xinxin, “Xinxin, I don’t feel too well, is it alright if I just sit here for a little while by myself?” 

   Yu Xinxin bit her bottom lip and studied Huo Wu’s complexion, finding that she did indeed look a little bit pale and had beads of sweat on her forehead, “Okay then, rest for a little bit first. But don’t forget to hurry, your brother’s plane’s probably already landed. It won’t be good if you’re late.”

   “Okay Xinxin.”

   After waiting for Xinxin to leave, Huo Wu stared in disbelief at the pale and delicate hands in front of her. 

   These pair of hands were completely different to her previous hands that were full of calluses. 

   The fingernails were pale pink and neatly trimmed. The fingers were slender looked like those of a pianist. 

   She studied the room she was in before seeing a slightly surprised face in the mirror behind her. 

   This face was somewhat similar to her previous face. 

   In the last world, she naturally didn’t look bad since she was able to make a living in the entertainment industry. Please read this at cnoveltranslations dot com. Otherwise the second male lead in the drama wouldn’t repeatedly be attentive towards her. 

   But the face in front of her was even more beautiful and moving than her previous face. 

   It could be even said that when compared, one would be belong to the heavens and the other the ground. And the one that was up in the heavens was her current face. 

   Huo Wu gently blinked her eyes and the eyelashes of the person in the mirror fluttered too, with a few degrees of ignorance in her big and dark eyes. 

   But it was this innocence, along with this appearance, that made her all the more seductive. 

   The facts before Huo Wu told her that she really had transmigrated into a book and turned into a completely different person. 

   After being shocked for a minute, Huo Wu readjusted her mentality. 

   If she hadn’t guessed incorrectly, then the previous her must have already passed away. 

   There was no way she would be alive after falling 10 meters to the ground without any safety measures to protect her.

   Since she was still able to be alive then that was a gift from the heavens. No matter what, even if she had swapped identities, she needed to continue on living well. 

   Huo Wu continued on remembering the events in the book and immediately figured out where in in the plot she was at now. 

   It was good that she read the novel not long ago so she was still able to remember the plot very clearly. 

   Today was the day her ‘brother’ Huo Yusen would return from overseas. 

   Huo Yusen was a 25 year old Harvard finance PhD graduate who had published five articles in the world’s most prestigious financial magazine, winning two international finance prizes. His return this time was to prepare to take over the family business. Additionally, he was a famous professor at Tsinghua University as well as a PhD advisor.  

   One only needed to look at these titles to understand how outstanding he was. 

   She remembered that when she was reading the novel, the author had clearly stated that the protagonist’s brother was even more exceptional than the male lead. But because she needed to respond to the call of this era’s internet censorship, she could only wrong the brother and make him the second make lead. 

T/N: My translation of the last sentence is a bit dodgy but I think what she was trying to say was that the author wanted to make the brother the male lead but that would’ve gone against societal values so the only thing she could do was make him the second male lead instead. 

   However the original author was obviously more partial towards the elder brother as his halo was so bright it could shine for others for a lifetime. 

   It was because of this favouritism that the author gave the brother the best traits, so much so that it could be said that he was omnipotent. He didn’t have many scenes since the author explained that she was scared she would start disliking the male lead if she gave the brother too many scenes which may even result in the author ending the couple. 

   Even though the brother didn’t have many scenes, every time he appeared his presence was flashy and formidable so he was still able to attract a large number of fans. 

 As they say, the male lead belongs to the female lead but the second male lead belongs to the readers. As a result, her brother’s name appeared in pretty much every single comment below the book. 

   Huo Wu thought of the Huo Yusen depicted in the novel and felt a little bit of curiosity towards him. 

   A second male lead that was that omnipotent, just what kind of person would he be? 

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