I Am This Type of Woman: Chapter 1.2

I spent the last few days reading through the raws of ‘I Am This Type of Woman’ and I absolutely adore the FL’s family, they’re so cute 🙂

Also, thanks to everyone who’s read Chapter 1.1!

Chapter 1.2: The Engagement Was Broken Off Again

  Ban Hua had a dream. This dream was very long, so long that even after she had woken up, she still wasn’t sure if she was in a dream or she was experiencing reality reality. When she sat up and saw the pearl screen hanging outside, she suddenly realised that she was dreaming a moment ago. 

   That’s right, what did she just dream of? 

   It seemed like her engagement had been broken off once again, someone else became the Emperor, her father offended the new Emperor and was removed of his title. Afterwards, their whole family had to live a hard life. 

   Heavens! A life where she couldn’t compare jewellery and clothes with others, how frightening was that? 

   How boring would life be if she wasn’t able to see those people swear at her behind her back yet begrudgingly treat her with respect in front of her face? 

   That dream was too unlucky, she needed to forget it as quickly as possible. 

   “Xiang Jun,” a maid walked in rubbing the tears from her eyes, “Shen Yu came to break off the engagement.” 

   Ban Hua’s soft waist suddenly straightened up, “break off the engagement?” 

   Oh no, the nightmare was coming to life! 

   If her father was no longer Jingting Hou then her younger brother wasn’t the heir and she wouldn’t be the Xiang Jun that had her title conferred to her in person from the Emperor. How would she eat, drink, play, and enjoy flowers in the future? 

   Life was really too bitter and short, did she only have a few short years of enjoyment in her life? 

   She didn’t remember much from the dream but she very clearly remembered just how miserable and wretched she would be in the future when she was no longer the Xiang Jun. Thinking about her outcome, she suddenly felt sorrow in her heart. She put on her shoes and her clothes and immediately starting running towards the principal courtyard. 

   “Xiang Jun, your hair!” 

   Fortunately, the servants in Houfu were strict with what they said, otherwise the Capital’s hot topic would change to ‘Jingting Hou’s Di daughter went crazy after having her engagement broken off and started running around her home with her clothes unkempt.’ 

   In fact, this was the first thought Jingting Hou had right after seeing his daughter. 

   “My good daughter,” Jingting Hou saw his daughter with her dishevelled hair and messy clothes appear in the study and immediately started wailing, “My good daughter, let’s not marry him. Tomorrow father will go and bring a bunch of gigolos home for you, they’ll be gifted intellectually, know martial arts, and look handsome. You can choose whichever one you like.” 

   There weren’t any good men on earth, causing his daughter to become like this. 

   At this time, Jingting Hou had already removed himself from his defined scope of men. 

   Ban Heng glanced at his sister. He didn’t have a single tongfang maid yet he didn’t see anyone taking care of that for him. Red sleeves and sweet scents in the night were also considered refined activities.

   “Don’t even think about it,” Yin Shi glared at her son, “You just need to be obedient and study at home.” 

   “I-I wasn’t thinking of anything.” Ban Heng thought he was really pitiful, he clearly hadn’t done anything but was reprimanded by his mother anyway. 

   “I was the one who gave birth to you, the moment your eyes start turning I know what you want to do.” 

   Yin Shi looked at her daughter’s appearance and felt her heart soften, itching to rip that Shen Yu apart. But she was worried her emotions would affect her daughter so she could only use sweet words to coax and convince her. 

   “Even though your father’s words were nonsensical, but…” Yin Shi softly patted her daughter’s back, felt her shake uncontrollably and gently went, “there are plenty of good men in the world. Even if you can’t find a good one it doesn’t matter, you have a portion in all of the family’s shops and estates. You have money and status, what is there to be afraid of?” 


  • Jun: Lord/Prince
    • Xiang (乡) Jun is the title conferred to the FL by the Emperor. In this case the English equivalent would be Lord Xiang rather than Prince Xiang since Ban Hua is a female
  • Tongfang: Bed Servant
  • Red sleeves and sweet scents: Refers to bedroom activities

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  1. I love the parents and all in the family… Such comedy! Entertaining…thank you so much for lifting up the dark skies on this Monday!! 😍

  2. Hahaha their family seems so chill to let her choose from a bunch of gigolos xD I wonder what the ML’s identity’s gonna be~ thanks for the chapter 🙂

  3. Her family is so sweet, I love them! Can’t wait to see a little more of Ban Hua, she seems hilariously spoiled and bit arrogant, a type of FL I like! Thanks for the chapter!!

  4. Lol! I love the whole family. Ban Hua is hilarious, I wish I had those concerns. Dad cracks me up, little brother is too cute and sweet, mom is so wise to everything and everyone! I can’t wait to read more.

    Thank you very much for the update!

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