What if My Brother is Too Good: Chapter 1.1

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Here’s part 1:

Chapter 1.1

Huo Wu forgot her lines again. 

   She was facing the sunny and handsome second male lead for the third time when the scene was cut. The director finally couldn’t help but throw down the clapper board he was holding and loudly bellow, “let’s take a break for 5 minutes and then we’ll film the female lead’s scenes!” 

Time had entered deep into winter and on a December day, Huo Wu was only wearing a thin costume. After the director had yelled for a break, the cold wind blew, causing Huo Wu to subconsciously shrink her neck and use her arms to hug herself. 

She lowered her eyes, not daring to look at the director’s current expression. 

The second male lead walked towards her in a few steps, kindly handed her a thick jacket and asked, concerned, “did you not sleep well?” 

Although Huo Wu was only an insignificant actress on the 18th line and was merely playing the role of the third female lead in this little third-rate internet series, she was normally very accountable and responsible towards her work. She had good knowledge of the script and a situation like today, where she was cut three times in a row, had never happened before. 

Huo Wu took the jacket from the second male lead’s hands and quietly thanked him. 

Hearing his words, she blinked and imperceptibly nodded her head. 

She knew that her state today wasn’t good but it wasn’t because of the reason provided by the second male lead. Please read this at cnoveltranslations dot com. As for the real reason, she was too embarrassed to say. 

After she had finished reading through her lines last night she was unable to sleep since she had drunk a little too much coffee and to pass the time, she decided to find a novel online to read.

Coincidentally, the book she clicked on was a romance novel called “Forced Love” where the supporting female lead had the same name as her. Originally she was planning on roughly reading through the novel for half an hour before going to bed when she felt sleepy. But after reading a little bit, she became engrossed in the plot, forgot the time, and ended up pulling an all-nighter.

The supporting female lead in the book was originally the child of a poor family but 18 years ago, the nurse in the hospital made a mistake and swapped her and the daughter of a wealthy family. As a result, everything she ended up possessing didn’t actually belong to her. 

But there would always be a day when the truth would be revealed. After an accident 18 years later, the fact that the supporting female lead wasn’t the real daughter of the Huo family was exposed to the world and afterwards, her life was turned upside down. 

Thinking about the end that the supporting female lead came to, Huo Wu softly sighed. Even though the supporting female lead was wilful, she wasn’t a bad person at heart and the incident in the past wasn’t her fault. 

If one were to analyse the plot, neither the female lead nor the supporting female lead were at fault. It was the fault of those who worked within the hospital that the babies were swapped. However the female lead placed all the blame on the supporting female lead thinking that the supporting female lead had stolen 18 years of happiness that should have belonged to her and hereby started to retaliate against her. 

After reading about what happened to the supporting female lead, Huo Wu threw the book aside. 

Although Huo Wu knew that this story wasn’t about her life, she couldn’t help but feel that her heart was heavy. Maybe it was because she had the same name as the supporting female lead that she felt like this afterwards but regardless, she was unable to do anything with enthusiasm as a result. 

For the whole night, and including this morning, her mood was a little affected by the novel so when she was filming her scene she ended up repeatedly making mistakes. 

   “You should rest early after work today, your complexion doesn’t look too good.” 

Huo Wu and the second male lead weren’t particularly friendly and only met because they were both filming this period drama for the internet. Although he was much more popular than her, Huo Wu didn’t have any intention on deepening their relationship and only lightly nodded her head. 

After the 5 minute break, the female lead’s scenes were pushed forward. Huo Wu stood at the side and waited quietly.

This time, four hours passed before it was her turn again. 

The plot for this scene revolved around the third female lead jumping off a cliff in the name of love and she had to use a wire. 

Although Huo Wu had always lingered about the 18th line, she had still filmed several dramas and had used wires before. 

Cliff jumping scenes required a lot from actors. The actor’s movements couldn’t be stiff and even though they were in midair, they still had to maintain a sense of beauty. Please read this at cnoveltranslations dot com. It was particularly so for this kind sad scene: clothes should be swirling through the air, and the corner of the eye needed to produce a sparkling teardrop; beautiful and dreamlike. 

As Huo Wu was suspended in the air she didn’t even really need to stir up any emotions since her eye produced tears as a physiological response to the cold wind. 

The tip of her nose also turned red from the wind so she did appear to exude a certain degree of sadness. 

Just as she had prepared her posture, a bunch of shouts and screams sounded from below. 

   “Oh no! The wire broke!” 

   “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Grab the air cushions!” 

   “Quick! Make an emergency call!” 

Before Huo Wu realised what had happened, her body had already started to plummet directly towards the ground that was more than 10 metres away. 

Please read this at cnoveltranslations dot com.

  1. 18th Line: sort of like the West’s version of a D list actor (would you guys rather have me write 18th line or D list actress?)

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