Summary: The Qing Dynasty’s Imperial Concubine [大清贵人] by 尤妮丝

Title: The Qing Dynasty’s Imperial Concubine [大清贵人]


The ‘leftover woman’ Yao Jiaxin crossed over to the imperial harem of Emperor Yongzheng and became a girl of sixteen years of age…ah no, a twenty-eight year old concubine that was sick and weak and not favored by the Emperor. This is age is good, this age is wonderful, you don’t need to fight for favor nor are you required to participate in palace struggles, you can go straight to retirement. However, Yao Jiaxin discovered that the Fourth Master (refers to Emperor Yongzheng) had been reborn! The old imperial concubine trembled, afraid that she was going to become a slaughtered horse.

The reborn Fourth Master became the Emperor thirteen years early and no one dared oppose his military power. However, he suffered from insomnia for many years and was unable to find a cure for it. But one day, he suddenly discovered a sleeping pill…

The Old Imperial Concubine: oh, so it turns out I grabbed the script for a sweet and fluffy play ?

The Fourth Master Yongzheng: you are my sleeping pill.

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